<VV> VirtualVairs Meeting as on schedule

Jim Becker mr.jebecker at gmail.com
Fri Jun 26 07:38:22 EDT 2015

I was there too.  The CORSA general membership meeting ran over.  Thus the 
Corvanatics meeting both started and ended late.  I hung around after 
Corvanatics long enough to see most everyone leave and on one showing any 
indication of starting another meeting.  I finally decided it looked like a 
typical VV meeting and left.

Jim Becker

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I was there.  The meeting was scheduled to begin at 9pm but the Corvanatics 
group meeting ran overtime by 20 min by which point it seems the VV people 
had given up.

Bill Hubbell

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It was on the schedules papers and in the program.

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Didn't know about it.
It  is "Virtual Vairs" - could have had a virtual meeting.
I could have  attended on Skype or the equivalent.
But SoCal is where I need to be, for  now.

Jay Maechtlen
'61 2-dr modified w/fiberglass  skin,
transverse 3.8 Buick V6 TH440T4 trans

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