<VV> Engine problem

hank kaczmarek kaczmarek at charter.net
Fri Jun 26 10:32:27 EDT 2015

For about a month now, my Monza has been at my friend Eric’s shop in Zionville, NC----He taped and painted the 3rd Gen Camaro rims to match the body, as well as the bumpers, and also did a treatment on the exhaust tips---I can’t send a picture because his camera died, but will when I get up there.  He says it doesn’t even look like the car I dropped off. 

Problem is----Eric was driving it around, showing it off yesterday to drum up some restoration business for his shop----and on the way back to the house it developed a dead miss.  

Pulled the plugs and #5 was very wet----gas fouled.   Did a compression test this morning (95 HP heads)  and compression is ZERO. 

In my 28 years of Corvair experience----I’ve had some 140 heads that dropped valve seats---and pretty much destroyed the head.  Never had a 95 head drop a valve seat.  
The Engine was completely rebuilt in the mid 90’s, but didn’t go into the car until 04, and only has about 12K on it.  Pistons are .030 TRW Forged with cast rings---I’m seriously doubting a holed piston. 
Eric had a job on a Toyota today so he won’t pull the valve cover until tomorrow---but any guesses that it might be a broken valve spring?  Just never heard of a 95 head dropping a seat, though I know it’s possible. 

I’ll keep the group advised of what develops----I have a motor with 95 heads on it here, so If it IS the head, should be a quick fix.. 


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