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Fri Jun 26 15:29:50 EDT 2015

There was a run of cam timing gears about 20+ years ago where either the 
timing mark wasn't located quite right or the key was the same. It 
caused just the problem you're having.   If you put the tooth one tooth 
out of phase in each direction you'll find the that in one directed the 
matchup is WAY off the other only a little off. Go with the closer of 
the two and you SHOULD be ok.

    Me? I would be so paranoid that I'd also set up a dial indicator on 
the piston crown of #1 just to be sure.


From: "Bob" <bgilbert at gilberts-bc.ca> To: <virtualvairs at corvair.org> 
Subject: <VV> Camshaft Timing Question Message-ID: 
<00ea01d0b027$b7d2e810$2778b830$@gilberts-bc.ca> Content-Type: 
text/plain; charset="us-ascii" HI, I'm just early on in the process of 
re-assembling my 3.1 for my UltraVan and yesterday I put the crankcase 
halves together. I have the shop manual but mostly followed the 
directions in Bob Helt's book for aligning the camshaft to the 
crankshaft. As with the first build there is no way I can get the 
alignment marks absolutely together. The closest I get is about a half 
tooth off. I pulled the camshaft several times and moved it 1 tooth 
forward and backward. Everything else looks right i.e. number 2 piston 
is at TDC as per Bob Helt's book It ran like this the first time but now 
I'm curious - has this happened to anybody else? Do I need to be 
concerned? Thanks, Bob

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