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Sat Jun 27 10:24:32 EDT 2015

The 62 Spyder in the Haggerty Great Race is still at it at number 30 for  
yesterdays scores. Not bad!
Former partner and grandson were number 1 yesterday , hope they keep at  it.
Haggerty was a supporter here also.
Knoxville car display today is a big one .It is  all under cover in a  very 
large parking garage.It is  very muggy and hot today , hard to breathe  
(for me anyway's). Very busy , well laid out , lots of interesting engineering  
and hard  work showing  at display.Nice food vendor there with a good  
selection, and a large barbeque.
Banquet food was excellent. Lot of participant awards.Wish I had a better  
memory for the Special awards. The Cole award this year is still the same , 
but  next year will be renamed to also honor Dolly. The family still 
supports  it.
I am sure some one better than me will report details in a better way  soon
Regards, Tim Colson  

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