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Mon Jun 29 11:56:37 EDT 2015

I wonder how people with parts etc for sale did at the convention? I  
listed  things I had with me in 2 places with no response , and one inside  
vendor said most things went slow? I ended up bringing my 140 heads and the  
carbs and high vol oil pumps back home . Of course Clarks looked busy at all  
times. A lot of Corvair shirts showed up at the banquet , so that gang did 
well  also.
  I came home to a large lot of estate of  Corvair parts still  for sale as 
one deal near Syracuse. Price is so low for so much stuf ($1000) , I  
thought it would have been gone , or at least arranged for by now. Market for  
used Corvair parts is funny , things that should be in demand , available new 
or  not , seem to stay put. 
 So I wonder how the guys selling in the parking garage did?   There was a 
lot of good stuff there , some priced wild , but worth asking about.  I 
wonder if any of the interesting cars sold....
Regards, Tim Colson

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