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According to a thread on the NCRS's online forum:
> The NCRS class for unrestored cars is called Star/Bowtie judging, not Survivior. This is only done at the National Convention every summer. To qualify, a car must be at least twenty years old and have attended a Regional meet within the past year. At that meet, the owner can have the car fully evaluated in Flight judging or he/she may opt to have the car judged on originality only. The team leader confers with the eight judges, and if the car passes, the team leader signs a form that qualifies the car to be judged next summer.

And the same forum observes:
> NCCB (Bloomington Gold-a privately owned, for profit, company) has an award they call 'Suvivor' (a registered trademark of NCCB). The award is aimed at unrestored Corvettes and judging is done once a year at Bloomington Gold. Their motto is 'worn in but not worn out'.
> In addition to originality (not condition) being the yardstick for judging, the car is expected to successfully make a road trip (think it's around 40-miles) that is NOT a contest of speed/precision. So, in addition to the Corvette having to appear unmolested in terms of exterior, interior, mechanical and chassis, it must ALSO FUNCTION! Operation is NOT a consideration in the NCRS Star/Bowtie program.
> Since these survivor cars are expected to complete a highway circuit, the judging criteria for originality is somewhat lower than the NCRS Star/Bowtie program (in the 65% range). This may be why the fella who suggested you visit Bloomington did so....

 From the CORSA Concours rules:
> Class 1: Factory Stock
> Factory Stock shall be defined as all regular production Corvairs that are in appearance just as they were available from the factory that year. Factory Stock shall further be divided into Original and Restored. Vehicles in Factory Stock Original and Factory Stock Restored are expected to have “matching numbers.” Date coded items such as engine, transaxle, carburetors, alternator, glass, etc. may be checked for consistency and their relation to the body build date. Paint, trim, and accessory codes may also be verified.
> Factory Stock Original shall be defined as any Factory Stock vehicle bearing original paint, exterior bright-work, weatherstrips, glass, interior upholstery, (carpet or rubber mat), and headliner. Undercoating must be the original applied at delivery. Painting or plating of surfaces that were natural metal finish is not allowed when such painting or plating alters that finish.
> Sectional body repair, upholstery repair, and mechanical component repair is permissible, not to exceed 25% of each area. In this context, “repair” is defined as necessary to correct damage resulting from a mishap, rather than to overcome the normal deteriorating from use and/or aging.
> Original lamps and lenses or exact replacements are required. Convertibles will be required to have the original top, although the rear window may have been replaced. Undercarriage parts may be cleaned, but disassembly and restoration to include painting or plating is forbidden.

So, maybe I am missing something, but I am pretty sure the CORSA 
Concours rules are more lenient than the NCRS rules and similar to the 
for-profit Bloomington Gold rules.


On 6/28/2015 7:45 AM, airvair via VirtualVairs wrote:
> We should be working towards an evaluation system like the Corvette club’s “Survivor” class. When such a designation is given to a car, its value instantly soars. So if we want the same results, we must have such a program.

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