<VV> Cause of Bad Ignition Switch?????

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Tue May 5 11:05:29 EDT 2015

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I had this same problem on Corsa this winter. Got her all ready to go to Autorama and she would start but not run when released to run position. After some diagnosis, there was no voltage at the run terminal at the back of the switch. Dirty contacts in the switch, some electrical cleaner sprayed in through the hole in the back of the switch near the ground terminal, work the switch back and forth a few times, good as new. Well, good enough . . . Bruce Weeks
>? I am posting this on VV & Corvantics as I don't know that it is really truck unique. My brother's 61 Rampside seems to have an ignition switch or wiring problem. His truck suddenly wouldn't run after starting in the start position. As soon as the engine started and you turned the ignition switch from start to run it would quit. If you hot wired the coil it would stay running. ?He bought another ignition switch which came with its' own key. He swapped lock cylinders to keep his old key. When he turned the key to start it the switch started smoking. We took the old lock cylinder out and put in the one that came with it back in. It started and ran fine.? Problem solved we thought. We ran it long enough to adjust the carbs and then shut it off to make a few last choke adjustments. When we went to restart it guess what? It would not stay running. Same thing, dead once off of start position. I went to hot wire the coil and in my tired state put the lead on the wrong side of the c
 oil. I think I fried his electronic ignition as it will not start at all (no spark).?? I was looking at the wiring diagram and see one for the ignition switch in start but not in run. What is the source of power to the coil in the run position. What should I be looking for?
GregDearborn, MI

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