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Sat May 9 12:20:23 EDT 2015

Nonetheless, Smitty is right:  Lower-profile tires were developed 
specifically for the Corvair.

On 5/9/2015 7:50 AM, Jim Becker via VirtualVairs wrote:
> "Wide oval" was a Firestone trade name for their bias belted 70 
> profile letter sized tires that came out for the '67 model year or 
> there about. Corvairs were never so equipped from the factory.
> -----Original Message----- From: Smitty via VirtualVairs
> Smitty Says;  Randy , historically speaking GM originated the “wide 
> oval” tires specifically for the Corvair.  It was the first production 
> car to wear them.  They wouldn’t have gone to the trouble if they 
> hadn’t thought them necessary.  So why shoot yourself in the foot.  
> There are still plenty of old rear drive Nissans and Toyotas in the 
> salvage yard with wheel widths up to 7.5 inches and a perfect match of 
> bolt pattern and mounting hub to fit an early. 

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