<VV> Falcon rims now interesting 10, 000 mile test of 1960/1 compacts

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You are probably trying to come up with "low profile" which is a term that 
seems to be reused today to refer to anything with a lower aspect ratio than 
the stock tire.  "Low Profile" was a US Royal trade name  Historically 
speaking, I believe it was the original tire spec'ed for the Corvair.  If 
you go to eBay and search for "US Royal Low Profile" you will get several 
hits.  Here is one of them, an ad for the "Safety 800" tire, which Chevy 
used extensively.


Jim Becker

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The term used was different than "Wide Oval" , but these 6.50 x 13 tires
were designed for the Corvair, then offered to the rest of the compact
lineup new for 1960 model year.

While unsuccessfully researching data for above, I found two interesting
articles worth reading for history car folks:

1960 Corvair



1960 Valiant



191 Olds F-85 Wagon


These are from Popular Science tests.
Happy reading!

Frank DuVal

Sorry for the long internet addresses.

On 5/9/2015 7:50 AM, Jim Becker via VirtualVairs wrote:
> "Wide oval" was a Firestone trade name for their bias belted 70 profile 
> letter sized tires that came out for the '67 model year or there about. 
> Corvairs were never so equipped from the factory.
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> Smitty Says;  Randy , historically speaking GM originated the “wide oval” 
> tires specifically for the Corvair.  It was the first production car to 
> wear them.  They wouldn’t have gone to the trouble if they hadn’t thought 
> them necessary.  So why shoot yourself in the foot.  There are still 
> plenty of old rear drive Nissans and Toyotas in the salvage yard with 
> wheel widths up to 7.5 inches and a perfect match of bolt pattern and 
> mounting hub to fit an early.

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