<VV> Rear Seat Belts

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It has long been my understanding (I have no documentation on this) that 
Fronts were optional in '64 (I don't know about rears - but maybe also 
optional?).  Fronts were standard in '65 with rears optional.  In '66 both 
fronts and rears were standard.

All of that said, there were variations from state to state initially.

The interesting thing to me is that Kelly mentions deluxe belts in the rear. 
This makes me think that they were ordered for her '64.  I don't know if 
that would be a factory install or not.  I suspect a dealer install.  Seems 
to me that there would be a code on the body tag for a factory install, but 
I don't know what that code might be.

Later, JR

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> Rear set belts were definitely a dealer installed item, however, I am not 
> certain if they were available from the factory as an option.  In checking 
> page 1964-174, it shows a seat belt delete option, so I would assume that 
> the front belts were standard.  My 1964 is the 3rd Spyder Coupe to be 
> built, and it had the seat  belt plugs in the mounting holes, when I 
> purchased it, so this leads me to believe that the front seat belts became 
> standard equipment after the model year introduction.
> Paul in CT

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