<VV> Burning oil again and again and again

Robert Paul barnaby at shaw.ca
Fri May 29 15:50:35 EDT 2015

Hi everyone,  This is the third time I have asked for ideas on a problem with burning oil. I have had a lot of great ideas and I have tried all of them  even though I think I have tried everything but it continues to happen.  The engine was just rebuilt and it burns oil on the drive r side only (I have dual exhaust on the 110). No oil in crossover, no transition fluid in coming in either.  Pulled engine apart and checked and measured  ( 30 over)  - pistons and cylinders everything is perfect , compression great, leak down test perfect on all cylinders.  Checked that ring gaps were  not lined up. push rods installed correctly with side oil hole out.  values new, and measured perfect, valve guides new and no play in them.  Value stem seals new and look great. Valve seats new, (twice) - Pressure tested the head for lateral crack - held pressure perfectly.  seems to be  oil burning in cylinder 4 and 6.  Everything is torqued to specs. I have done more checks but will not bore you.  What am I missing? 

I have just finished new body work new paint, new interior and I hate to drive the car because of the cloud of blue behind me. ( amount of oil burning is around a quart in 100 miles).  So its find the answer or sell the car. 
Robert Paul 
66Monza Covetable 

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