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Eric S. Eberhard eric at vicsmba.com
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I have read some of the past posts and want to point out -- these 
people's lights work perfectly.

There are several issues with LED lights.  If you want to look stock 
instead of "cool" -- meaning you don't want an array of tiny LEDs 
showing through -- then you buy the cross referenced bulbs.  I defy 
anyone to tell on my old Corvairs or Toyotas which are LED and which are 
not.  But you have to follow the cross reference correctly -- LM has a 
funny angle on the bulb -- get the number, cross ref it.  If it is a 
match, should be fine.  I only have earlies so ...

Another is that some systems require resistance.  Turn signals are an 
example.  Put in LEDs and the clicker stops working -- sometimes.  You 
can get something to add resistance.  That is a genius move -- get a 
lower power bulb and add a device to increase it's draw so you spend 
money and time for nothing.  I have always had good luck replacing all 
but one set of bulbs, and leaving one set stock.  The clickers work.  
The Land Cruiser has 6 bulbs and I run 4 LED, 2 standard, clicker 
works.  6 LEDs, nope.  I can't imagine the power or lighting difference 
makes sense to do anything other than that.

Another is older switches in older cars might leak a bit.  This is true 
on old appliances as well at home.  So you put in an LED and find it is 
on all the time.  Because it take minimal power, and the leaking is 
enough to fire the light.  My oven hood has that problem.  Same solution 
as above -- I do my dash with 95% LEDs and leave 1-2 regular bulbs (in 
particular circuits of course) and then the leaks are stopped by the few 
old bulbs.

I do find for running light and brakes they are bright and fantastic.  I 
use the cross ref and then go brighter.  I have been told following my 
horse trailer too close at night (also all LED) is obnoxious.  Good.  
Don't tailgate.  Can't miss it though.

My point is -- you don't have to do EVERY bulb with an LED -- be careful 
of turn signals and strings that might be on a leaking switch/circuit, 
and leave at least something old in there.  Should work fine.  It is 
helpful if you have more than one toy because you can try it on one and 
anything that does not work out probably works on another toy.


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