<VV> Centering the Pressure Plate

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Hold on there for just a second.
It is highly recommended that you have the flywheel and pressure plate  
professionally balanced together. When this is done the balancer guy will  
identify how the two parts should be aligned with some punch marks or other  
means of showing alignment. So when you mount the PP onto the FW you need to  
align these markings to retain proper balance.
Bob Helt
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As  others have said, just bolt it up; it's a non-issue. The disc is what  
should align. As someone else mentioned, use the input  shaft.

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I'm putting a '66 140 4-speed back together and I'm wondering if  there is a
best way to center the pressure plate on the flywheel?   It's unbelievable
there aren't any dowels between the two.

Thank  you!

Gary Szuch

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