<VV> Worn Windshields and Rain-X

hallgrenn at aol.com hallgrenn at aol.com
Sun Oct 25 11:18:13 EDT 2015

For those of you with windshields worn over the years by wiper blades and grit try treating them with Rain-X if you haven't already.  A thoroughly cleaned glass surface (thoroughly washed and rinsed first) when treated with Rain-X will bead water on the worn surfaces so that the windshield wipers swat it off and allow you to see much more clearly without the streaking.  Especially useful when driving toward the sun.  If you are driving fast enough you won't even need the wipers as the water just beads up and rolls off.  Like many others, I've been using it for years with good results especially with daily driver beaters.  Of course a new windshield is the best solution........

Bob Hall
Group Corvair 
'64 Greenbrier
'65 Corsa
'68 Monza

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