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It's purchased my first new Corvair 9-9-63. The dealer had 2 Corvairs left on the lot, a burgandy Monza coupe 4 speed transmission 102 engine. The other was a 63 four door 700 with a 98 HP engine and 3 speed transmission.  I started dealing on the coupe which was listed For $2395. My wife changed us to the 4 door saying,  I don't want to lean forward to let the kids in and out. I didn't know anything about corvairs then so we purchaser the 4 door  VIN#30769W298343 for $1,795 financed thru GMAC. ( I still have the original registration) 7 years later it was time to do a rebuild of the engine.  I didn't know anything about the build plate in the engine compartment. Really didn't care either at the time, but now I wish I did, as I would know more about it.   When dismantling the engine I noticed there was a folded fin oil cooler. When I pulled the axles out the bearings were not the cast type but the stamped steel type and no self adjusters. I feel the Corvair was built early 1963.  Looking back knowing what I know now, it appears that this Corvair was  built with left over parts maybe on a Friday.  It was was a good Corvair and I've been hooked on them ever since. Now I have too many Corvair projects and will be down sizing soon starting with The 66 4 door 500 with factory installed A/C , 140 engine, 4 speed tranny.  It is not a clone. 
Jerry Brown 

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