<VV> VirtualVairs Digest, Vol 134, Issue 34

Frank DuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Sun Apr 3 23:25:38 EDT 2016

Wiring harnesses are not a major problem until some previous owner made 
changes! I think all previous owner splices are suspect.

Do you have 12 volts on the big terminal of the starter? Jump that 
terminal to the S small terminal and see if it cranks.

Check the multi pin connector in the engine compartment, they sometimes 
can get corroded and cause issues.

No need to change coil, dist. cap, wires until the engine actually cranks.

Frank DuVal

On 4/3/2016 1:20 AM, HOWARD COLLINS via VirtualVairs wrote:
> Hi, I have a 62 Rampside that I bought last summer. It was sitting for 5 years supposedly. It doesn't run. When I first brought it home it turned over but that changed as I goofed around with different troubleshooting ideas. It went from turning over to nothing and then the starter was hung up. What It comes down to is I have replaced all the ignition components, including the coil, dist. cap , Spark Plug wires, Battery and Starter, solenoid.  I even replaced the ignition switch. Nothing. No turning over of the engine at all. Today, I was crawling around under the dash and found some dubious looking splices made to some of the wiring. Am I correct that wiring harnesses are a major problem on these?

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