<VV> Update on Wolf Enterprises and Me

Grant Young gyoungwolf at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 14 08:20:31 EDT 2016

Good morning
This is just an update note to let everyone know that there are rumors out there that I am much worse off than I really am, and I want folks to know that I am doing fine with the PC stuff. I just finished 25 days (6 weeks) of external beam (photon) radiation with fatigue being the only major side effect. I am doing a three-pronged treatment program consisting of hormone therapy (which also causes fatigue), external radiation, and internal radiation seeds implants, the last part of which I will be getting on May 6th. The procedures have really slowed me down and I have pulled most of my eBay adds until I am finished, as I can only get about half the work done that I used to because of the time driving back and forth to treatments every day and then having to rest quiet a bit. My wife contributed to the problem by breaking her knee cap the week I started radiation, so I became a primary care giver at the same time :-). But, she is now able to get around without a wheelchair. So, any rumors you might have heard about my early demise are just that. The success rate for my treatment program is 99%, and I have one of the best teams around, so this is one of those situations where the treatment is worse than the disease (except for the outcome, of course, if you don't get it). The worst part was the two-week wait to find out it had not spread anywhere else. 

As an aside, I am more than willing to talk with anyone who is worried about their PSA numbers or is considering treatment or just would like to know more about a disease that almost every one of us will eventually get. I got some bad advice from my primary physician 5 years ago, and almost waited too long for the biopsy (painless, BTW) in September that caught it before it spread. It was a doctor at the school clinic where I got my retirement physical that referred me to a urologist that caught it. There is no other way to be sure, because a high PSA number does not automatically mean you have cancer. The cure rate after it spreads is less than 30%, however so don't put off any concerns you might have. (If you are anywhere close to a facility that has a proton machine, you can be done in 6-weeks).

Thanks for the notes, and concerns and prayers, as they have all helped me stay positive.

Grant Young

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