<VV> [UV] Glenn's #247 first drive

Betsy sennasylum at npgcable.com
Sat Apr 23 11:41:49 EDT 2016

OMG - there's even snow on the road!!  How brave can ya get for its maiden voyage ?!  
Congratulations, Glenn - Great Job!!!  
What state are you in?.....come next April/May, you can drive it a few more miles in our Rt 66 Fun Run/Ultra Van Rally here in Kingman Arizona !!!  Hopefully we'll have at least 6 Ultra Vans in the 90-mile "parade", maybe even more!!  They'll be a sight to see!  along with Jim's Bus & Amanda's fancy new motorhome..... Terry & Linda will be joining us next week in this year's Fun Run  They wanna know what to expect in the big event next year, the 30th Anniversary of the Rt 66 Fun Run!!

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  Here's a video of the first drive of Glenn's UltraVan #247 after a decade's worth of restoration:

  When Glenn & Joann found the coach in 2002, it had been parked in the woods for 11 years. After building a shop for it, Glenn stripped the former "Love Bug" down to a shell and started re-engineering every system and component on the coach, while his son Steve completely rebuilt the 140 hp Corvair drivetrain.

  Congratulations Glenn!!



  Posted by: Owen Strawn <owenstrawn at yahoo.com> 

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