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All the various books on the Corvair include references to the early prototypes known as the "Holden Project". All the paperwork on the prototype up to mid 1959 was headed "General Motors Holden", which was the name of the local GM division down here. It seems this was a ruse to make people believe it was destined for the Australian market not the US market. The give-away is that most (if not all) the pictures of the prototype are left hand drive (LHD) and not right hand drive (RHD), as would be required for Australia. As far as I am aware, the Corvair was never made by the factory in RHD. Karl in Melbourne has converted a LM from LHD to RHD of his own accord.
It seems the true name/destiny of the "Chev Corvair" was not set until a few months before it was first released at the dealers.
The early prototypes had their own specific bodies that were different to what Holdens were producing at the time (conventional front engine). But, the badges on the prototypes are most definitely taken from the FC model Holden produced in 1958/1959, particularly the hubcaps, the rear quarter badge and the hood badge. I expect the steering wheel centre and glove box badges would also have been pure FC Holden.
I don't believe there are any of the early "Holden Project" prototype bodies still around but the badges are available in the thousands down here, including NOS. eBay "FC Holden hubcap" will give an example.
Colin LYNN
Perth, West Australia


Great info!  There is one left though.... GGGG   see attached pic!

Matt Nall
Charleston, Oregon


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