<VV> 1966 (SoCal) Corsa 140 with factory A/C

Charles Lee chaz at properproper.com
Sat Aug 6 02:15:59 EDT 2016

A friend has a 1966 (SoCal) Corsa 140 with ("smog exempt") factory A/C.

He wants to paint it blue when paint code is "YY" (Butternut Yellow) which would compromise its originality?

He also wants to change the A/C to modernize it.

So, I suggested that he sell it as is (basket of part, albeit complete) and "customize some other car.

The engine code is RR which shows in the list to be correct for the "standard" 140 engine in a Corsa as "6-164 A/C"?

Am I correct that the engine code for an "optional" 140 with A/C is RZ for a Monza or 500 as "6-164 SHPE, A/C"?

Would he be better off selling this to someone who really wants a "number correct" Corsa 140 with A/C, and buying another Corvair?

I figured someone might want this car to restore to original specs instead of ruining this one.

PS: It is in need of a complete "labor of love" restoration, although he reports that all A/C parts, etc, are there.

He has about $3000+ in the car, so I was wondering what it was worth to "buy him out"?


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