<VV> 66 A/C Update

Garry ntcagp at sbcglobal.net
Sat Aug 20 18:09:02 EDT 2016

Hi all,

Here's what I did and found today on the 66 Monza A/C.

Ambient temp: 80 degrees

Static pressure: 84 psi

Added seals to condenser, taped up all holes (not many), and ran hoses 
thru back-up light and sealed off. Engine running approx 2000 rpm, low 
side pressure was 10 psi, high was 130 psi, output temp 80 degrees, with 
bubbles in sight glass. Added small amount of R-12, maybe 1/2-1 pound, 
and readings went to 18 psi low, and 150 psi high. Output temp now 74 
degrees and still has bubbles in sight glass. I'm not sure I should keep 
adding since I'm already above the 14 psi recommended by the manual for 
this ambient temp, but what else could be happening? In order for me to 
hit the 35 degree level on the gauge, it would need to have a low side 
reading of 30 psi, well above the manual. I'm down to my last bit of 
R-12 and could probably only do one more evac and recharge, so I want to 
be fairly accurate with whatever I do next.

Garry Parsley

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