<VV> For Sale Parts Stash in Ohio! NOT MINE!!

Matt Nall patiomatt at aol.com
Tue Feb 2 15:10:22 EST 2016

Located in Cleveland OH 44105

Come See and Make a Cash Offer or Trade Offer

Thanks, John (216) 440-0403 or typesetting at yahoo.com
(Text or Email Works Best, Can't Get Voice Calls at Work or Call and Leave Message)

forsale Parts for 1961-64 Corvair, Some 1965-1969
The List Below Does NOT Skim the Surface.

Alternator Bracket with Oil Filler
Transmission Mounts (2) Set
Door Handle Sets
AC P203 Oil Filter
Headlight Bezels
Air Vents
Headlight Trim Sets
Gas Tank
Gas Neck with Cap
Brake Shoes in Boxes
Monza 900 Emblem
Steering Box
61-64 Windshields
65-69 Windshield
Distributor Caps
Ignition Coils
Visor Sets
Steering Wheels
Arm Rest Sets
Chevy Dog Dish Hub Caps
Spinner Hub Caps Sets
Monza Hub Caps Sets
Convertible Top Frame
Corvair Script Emblem Set
Corvair Vent Truck Lid
Heater Ducts
Seats Front and Back Set
Speedo Spyder Cluster
Speedo Clusters
Glove Covers
Glove Spyder Cover with Emblem
Glove Spyder Cover without Emblem
License Plate Trims
Gas Door
Side Mirror Sets
Rear Mirrors
Front and Rear Bumper with Guards
Engine Non Turbo Needs Rebuild have 2 (ENGINE CODE'S T0627ZF & T0123YC)
Engine Turbo Needs Rebuild (ENGINE CODE T0626YR)
3 Speed Transmission Needs Rebuild
4 Speed Transmission Needs Rebuild
Air Filters NOS
Oil Filters NOS
Tie Rod Linkage
Air Cleaner 2 Piece
Air Spyder Cleaner
Oil Bath Air Cleaner
Shifter Rod with Boot
Gas Pedal, Brake and Clutch Pedal Assemble
Wiper Blade Arms Sets
Wire Harness
Wiper Assembly
At least a Full Size Pickup Truck Worth.

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