<VV> Carpet replacement

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Wed Feb 10 12:58:06 EST 2016

I am replacing the carpet in my 66 Corsa. Clarks instructions say to remove 
among other things, the shifter and the gas pedal. I have never removed a 
shifter, so I'm looking for any information on that. Also would like to hear 
any tips and tricks on aligning the carpet, aligning the gas pedal, and 
anything else that you all have run into that could be helpful.
Thank you. Russ Tallyen Piedmont, SC
Smitty says;   The best advise I can give you is Never attempt to drill 
holes in the carpet.  The material is not Rip-Stop and you can pull a thread 
of carpet tufts half way across the car before you can react when the drill 
picks up a thread..   Use a soldering copper or gun and melt the holes you 
need.  I have never taken a shifter out to put in a carpet.  Prefer to cut a 
circular hole to just allow the upper part of the shifter to stick up 
through.  If you put the shifter base on top of the carpet then you won't 
have anything to cover the flange.

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