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Wed Feb 10 21:57:51 EST 2016

Wonderful!  Thanks for all the work y'all have put into this project - it's much appreciated.

John Herkenratt
Corvair Minnesota

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Hi folks,

We (Harry Jensen, Curtis Henken, and I) have all the cutover work done and www.Corvair.org is back on the air.  We still have one minor glitch to get fixed - the classifieds came over ok, but the attached photos didn't.  We have a vendor ticket open, so hopefully that will be resolved shortly.  New ads should work fine.

Thanks to the many VV members who contributed to the new hardware, I think you'll find the site is pretty crisp.  Our back end office functions work better too.

We also upgraded all - and I mean *all* - of the software for the box and the site.  That should mean everything plays well together, but if you run into a bug let me know.  There are a number of features already on my list to implement, so this is really the beginning rather than the end of the project, but it's a nice milestone.


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