<VV> Silverado Technical Question - NO Corvair

Grant Young gyoungwolf at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 23 14:49:09 EST 2016

I know there are some GM techie types out there and am trying to save a $75 dealership analysis visit, so please ignore if you are not one of them :-).

The left power mirror and remote entry on my 2006 Silverado stopped working. The right side mirror still works. There is no dedicated fuse or circuit breaker for either and the other items on the same circuits still work. I have tried re-programming the remote a couple of times with a new battery. Web searches indicate it might be a some sort of a defective module somewhere or that it might require re-programming the module or ECM. Any advise is appreciated. It is mostly an aggravation, especially when I discovered after all these years that there is no external door lock on the passenger door. A personal reply is obviously preferred.

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