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Joel - It is possible that the squarish chunks of "rubber" may be 
chemical residue from age.  "Neoprene" itself is a "plastic" made from 
oil based material. With the very low mileage mentioned this oil cooler 
obviously spent extended periods of time sitting.  Who knows what oil 
additives were used in that time as well.

We have dumped many different chemicals in our oil and gasoline but 
really have little quantifiable data as to what it coalesces to years later.

This also brings up up a concerning topic - contamination in oil 
coolers. There is solidified contamination lurking in most coolers that 
is impossible to clean out.

Lon Wall

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I'm working on a 37k mile '66.  I took the oil cooler off to clean it and it had some chunks of what looks like hard rubber inside it.  They were roughly 3/16-1/4" square in size but they clearly weren't made that way.  Where could they have come from?  I guess I'm going to have to tear the engine down to get it all out assuming that there is more inside.  The engine sounds tight but the oil pressure light comes on at low idle when hot.
I can't figure out how these could have made it past the oil pickup screen...
Joel McGregor

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