<VV> Porsche and Corvair

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Sun Jan 10 13:49:04 EST 2016

        Smitty Says:  The following is just an opinion but it is formed from association with Corvairs for the last 50 years or better.  I read about Corvairs before they were built like many of us who are still living.  I had a real interest in them from the mid 60s and on.  I have had the pleasure of talking to Chevrolet executives such as Mr Bezinger and others that were there at the time of development.  I have read everything I could get my hands on concerning Corvairs.  (except for a couple written by idiots, that I quit reading after a couple of pages).  I don’t claim to be an authority but from my experience I will say this.
        As Mr Bezinger told me, GM had what they considered some of the best engineers in the world.  Why would they feel the need to go out of the company to develop anything.  They dissected everything from Harleys to Briggs, to VW and Porsche and Franklin to insure that they wouldn’t have to re-invent what had already been invented.  You have to remember that GM was a god unto itself back in the 50s.  Unlike today when they utilize Cosworth and Chrysler Marine to develop special products.  They one-upped the German companies by building a 6 cylinder air cooled before them.  The only time I have ever read that GM went out-of-house for engineering help was when advice was sought from Japan in making non porous aluminum castings.
        So in light of these thoughts, I doubt that GM supplied any cars to any foreign company or it’s executives.  What those companies bought or borrowed or investigated has nothing to do with this discussion.  Even if Porsche supplied advise or engineering help, which I don’t believe, don’t you think the cost would be far greater than a cheapassed Corvair or one a year.

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