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But there were some Corvairs in and around Stuttgart. Karl address them in 
the article. He mentions Dan Gurney's Corvair when he drove for the 
Porsche F1 team in 1961-62. It was a Monza turbo convertible, and was 
written up in a issue of Car & Driver back then. Unfortunately, I don't 
think I have this article. 

Here is some info allegedly about Dan Gurney's Corvair while a Porsche team driver. 

Huschke operated from “Factory Two” within the Porsche Stuttgart compound and employed an attractive assistant named Evi Butz. It was in 1962, by which time Dan Gurney had won Porsche’s first Grand Prix victory, that Huschke asked Dan if he would give Evi a lift home, after a long day in the office, in Dan’s “Unsafe At Any Speed” light blue Chevvy Corvair. Dan naturally obliged and got to know young Evi in the course of a 45min traffic jam that clogged downtown Stuttgart. For their 25th wedding anniversary, Evi gave Dan another Corvair… 

Dan T 

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