<VV> This guy's wife gets the MOTHER TERESA AWARD

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The updated subject line not withstanding, I was not an English major.  I 
have degrees in Math and Computer Sciences.  But I have been practicing 
English every day as far back as I remember.  As was already said, the 
switch wasn't considered serviceable by GM.  There are aftermarket canceling 
pawls for them, but that isn't your problem.  Once you get the steering 
wheel off, remove the turn lever and the canceling pawl.  You then can see 
what is in Matt's picture.  A peg on the pawl pushes as Matt's arrow shows. 
It moves the curved contact away from B into the next curved contact, 
pushing it against RF.  If your right front signal works, your problem is 
between the 2 curved contacts.  If it doesn't, the problem is between the 
second contact and RF (or both).  Clean the contacts and hope it fixes it. 
Sometimes bending a contact a bit will help, but is probably beyond scope. 
Maybe a tiny bit of dielectric grease on each contact will slow down more 
corrosion.  If that doesn't fix it, you need another switch.

Jim Becker

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I don't know about Jim but I was an English major. Correct punctuation and 
spelling are important if you hope to get good information. My opinion on 
your question is IF you have a faulty turn signal switch, then you need 
another one (new or used). This is considered a non serviceable part. No 
parts are available for this part. With that being said, many people have 
fixed theirs (probably). If mine was faulty I would just replace it. I don't 
think anyone can truly answer your question with certainty. It is something 
you will need to work thru and find the problem. Then you could probably fix 
Timothy Shortle in Durango Colorado 81301

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>Jim Becker.  You must've been an English major. Sorry for the typos but the 
>keyboard is small and my hands are numb. Besides, I should but I never 
>proofread. As I said, all things point to the directional switch. When I 
>open it up, do I put the testers on Willy nilly or do I gently touch the 
>metal tongs to each other?

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