<VV> Plugged line help?

Grant Young gyoungwolf at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 20 17:34:44 EST 2016

I have a turbo main fuel line (the one from the firewall to the pump with lots of bends in it) in which a dirt dauber wasp or some such vector has put a plug. It seems to be just past the second bend from the firewall (I can fish a flexible line that far, but it is too limber to push it out). I have tried carb cleaner, WD-40, water, and blaster soaks (over night) followed with 140 psi of compressed air to no avail. If I had something that was sturdy enough to punch on it and still be able to bend around the corners I think I could dislodge it. I have tried plastic line from a weed-eater, copper wire, spraying carb cleaner through its red tube, etc. I have worked on this for several days (a few minutes at a time after long soaks in the various chemicals) and am near wits end. Any serious suggestions will be appreciated. (I'm working on how to use a pressure washer on it). 

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