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ChiefTAM at aol.com ChiefTAM at aol.com
Mon Jun 6 21:55:11 EDT 2016

Hello all:
After years of collecting, and hoping the owner of my father's original  
(but very rusty, when I located it in 1998), 1969 Monza 140 Convertible, would 
 sell it so I could restore it, I have decided that this will never happen, 
nor  do I now have the time.  I have also since purchased another 1969  
Convertible.  Thus, I am thinking of selling the NOS sheet metal that I  have 
collected over the years to allow me to finish my 1965 Corsa Turbo  
I am posting to see if anyone is out there doing a restoration that might  
be in need of some NOS parts.  The items I have are:
1.  Driver's Front Fender; 1968-69, but would fit a 65-67 with filling  in 
of the marker lights.
2.  Complete front panel, between the fenders, from the trunk lid all  the 
way down (still in NOS wrapping)
3.  Driver's Side Rear 1/4 panel, complete
4.  Passenger Side Rear 1/4 panel, complete except someone cut a  portion 
out in front of the wheel well
I know what they have sold for in the past, and what Clark's is selling  
some fiberglass parts for as it is very hard to find NOS metal parts, but I  
think it is time to sell, preferably all, but may sell piece by piece.
I am also thinking of putting my complete late model telescopic steering  
column and wood steering wheel on Ebay, so watch for that.  
I will go out to the garage and dig them out for pictures if anyone is  
interested.  Parts are located in South Central Minnesota.
Todd Miller
Corvair MN

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