<VV> [UV] 1969 Ultravan #481 for sale in Chiefland, FL

Glenn Lemke gjlemke at centurylink.net
Sun Jun 12 11:19:45 EDT 2016



I lost both my legs twelve years ago and now am saddled with oxygen 24/7
#247 is ninety% complete and should be done by the end of this summer

Bottom line  never never  never give up. Can't die until I get it on the




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Thanks Owen.The wiring kit is no longer available and the price was way more
originally. At this price a good running engine and transaxle would cost
half that, I'm sure.

After my hips got bad I gave up on it.

Nearly every UV will need a tune-up, tires, and more.


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Denny is offering #481 for sale:



Safe travels,





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