<VV> serious engine? problem

Michael Kovacs kovacsmj at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 13 19:29:56 EDT 2016

'66 140 PG Very strong rebuilt engine
 To set the situation, I initially thought that the starter/torque converter interface was bad, as the starter sometimes did not engage the torque converter ring properly. After two starters and a Clarks rebuilt TQ, the problem still exists.
 Sometimes the starter "seems" to work fine and the engine starts and runs smoothly. Other time the starter engages OK and then runs very slowly for a second. The starter then STALLS and I have to pull the negative cable off to prevent a fire.
 Is there something in the PG transaxle that can be starting to shift out of position to jam the starter to the ring? The TQ fits directly on the crankshaft for those who do not do PG.
 Tomorrow I'll loosen the starter to get it out of the ring.

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