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Jim Becker mr.jebecker at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 13:54:03 EDT 2016

A bounce is when VV sends you an email and it "bounces" back to VV rather 
than being delivered.

Here is a good explanation of bounces and why they happen (from the 
perspective of the sender).  You need to figure out which category you are 
in and fix it.  Bryan may be able to give you some clues from a bounced 


Jim Becker

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From: Ken Lundy via VirtualVairs
Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2016 10:49 AM
To: webmaster at tiger.skiblack.com ; VirtualVairs E-Mail List
Subject:  Test

I recently received an email from Virtual Vairs that I was being dropped
because I sent too many “bounces”.
I have not sent any recent emails to VV and I’m not sure what a “bounce” is.
Is there a problem with my account?
I tried to update my info and got an “Internal Server Error”.
Please help.

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