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I just went to start my 1963 Spyder. Engine cranked for < a second and?everything went dark. It's as if the battery was disconnected. No electrical power of any kind. Where do I begin? Is?there a fuse in the starter circuit?
Thanks for any answers,

Jeff- If the battery connection looks good, the next most likely cause is the 8 pin main connector in the engine compartment
has gone bad. Take that connector apart and look at the terminal that has the biggest wire on it- chances are good that this connection is bad. The connector is located on the battery side of the engine compartment, close to the firewall. I had this
same thing happen a few years ago.... car started right up ran for a few minutes, and right as I was leaving my driveway to
go to work, the engine died suddenly, and no electrical power of any kind....
In my case, once I knew to look at that connector, it was obvious what the problem was, as the plastic connector housing had
melted and the brass contacts in the housing were black, and it was EXTREMELY difficult to pull the connector apart.
I decided to fix that mess by putting those high power wires on their own circuit using a Gm alternator repair plug, and cut
away the melted mess, as the other 6 connections looked just fine!
Kevin Nash
63 turbo efi daily driver

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