<VV> Ultra Van Towing/Trailering

Greg Shaw 65vair180 at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jun 18 16:45:20 EDT 2016

  Hello, I am going down to Florida in 2 weeks to hopefully fire up & make road ready Ultra Van #421 (was on the road briefly last year). In case of this not happening I need a back up plan to get it home. I found the wheel base online (152") but cannot find the width. I am looking to see if there are any truck/trailers I could rent that could handle it. If the back end wasn't so long I'd try a tow dolly.  I saw one guy had framing added to his UV and put a tow bar on it. I won't have supplies for that kind of set up. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I will consider getting bids from U-Ship, etc. Thanks in advance!
GregDearborn, MI

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