<VV> We've lost another figure in Corvair history

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Mon Jun 20 16:53:31 EDT 2016

Jim Bernardin, who worked extensively on the Corvair ad campaign in his work at Campbell-Ewald, Chevy's long time ad agency, died May 6th.  Just last year he wrote an article for the communique about his work on Corvair print ads.  Here's his memorial from the funeral home that handled arrangements:


I loved this part:

<This resulted in many trips to battlefields, some with all four boys tucked away in a Chevy Corvair Spyder Convertible. >

You can still read his blog about his work for Chevy at:


His funeral, coincidentally, was held on the anniversary of the end of Corvair production.

And, on a more personal note, I didn't know until I read the memorial that he was a fellow native West Virginian.  

~Bill Stanley

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