<VV> Belt loose but tensioner is all the way?

Jim Simpson simpsonj at verizon.net
Mon Jun 27 12:32:58 EDT 2016

Since the original belt broke, it seems obvious that there was an internal
failure or something similar.  Had that belt "flipped" some time in the
past?  In my experience, when a belt flips, it breaks internal cords and is
not long for this world.

How much tension do you put on your Corvair fan belts?  The factory shop
manual spec (75 lbs tension for a new belt, 55 for a used one) is generally
considered too tight.  Most owners adjust the belt so that you can just
slip the alternator when the engine is cold.  (I've measured that at about
25 lbs tension.)

Of course the original belt may just have been a factory error and not made
correctly in the first place.

Good luck with the new one.

Jim Simpson
Group Corvair

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