<VV> [fastvair] Still a strange starter problem. [3 Attachments]

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Tue Jun 28 14:33:40 EDT 2016

The only other variable is the torque converter, maybe the converter has the wrong gear or is slightly to large of diameter causing the starters to bind.   

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        History:140 PG rebuilt 30,000 miles ago. Ran very well for years. 
Situation: Engine out of car. New TQ from Clarks and rebuilt starter. Starter cannot properly engage the ring gear. When engaged it hesitated and turns with  jerky movement like the solenoid engages the ring, then disengages a few times. Once it jammed against the ring gear 
Attempted solutions: 3 different starters (bench tested good)= same problem battery with new cables jumped directly from running car/battery  spark plugs removed = engine starter turns engine over nicely Jumped to start with negative on bell housing and positive on the solenoid positive Used screwdriver to connect + on starter with + (S) on solenoid. 
 Acts like the battery is low or there is a serious problem with the electrical flow through the solenoid and starter. When just  jumping to the starter motor it really spins with power. 
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        Posted by: Michael Kovacs <kovacsmj at yahoo.com>        

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