<VV> MUFFLERS my 2cents?

N2VZD at aol.com N2VZD at aol.com
Mon Mar 7 20:04:55 EST 2016

2 Stock 110hp mufflers sound great on a "110"hp with260 cam , 140 ehaust  
manifolds .060 over cylinders etc. nice tone , and reasonably quiet. 2 
baffled  "hollywoods" sound louder , and do not hold up to lots of miles.
Clarks smaller mufflers in the dual kits are slightly loud , the longer  
mufflers are about perfect. I have the longer ones on my rampy now , 2 stock  
early mufflers on a 64 coupe , and both setups sound nice.
If you know any Harley owners , ask if they have the stock mufflers that  
are generally removed when new (to gain HP?)  around. I bought some a while  
back cheap , and never got to build rear brackets before I sold the  Lakewood
 with them on, but they sounded cool and looked the part. I think that  is 
what will go on the "crampside" project.
Regards, Tim Colson

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