<VV> late model heater duct help

hallgrenn hallgrenn at aol.com
Tue Mar 15 08:42:17 EDT 2016

Randy,I removed the plastic ductwork on a '65 Monza convertible to clean the inside (I used dish washing liquid to slosh around inside to dissolve old oil vapor deposits).  Remove the short piece at the front that carries air to the front floor vent first.  I remember being careful to clean the threads of the small screw thread fasteners and to liberally oil them before I put the wrench (1/4 inch I think) on.  Be sure ALL the fasteners are off before you try to pull it down.I didn't have mud, but there was the skeleton of a trapped squirrel grinning at me when I separated the front section from the underfloor main duct.  Never bored with an old car resurrection.  Good luck.  You're saving a classic.

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