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Carl Kelsen Arlette Pat arlettecarl at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 17 19:47:30 EDT 2016

G'day everyone,This request is not directly Corvair related, but it is 'Chevrolet' and accordingly is closely related. Hope that's OK?
A good friend of mine here in Australia is currently working on a very detailed, ground up, frame off restoration to better than brand new condition. The subject car is a 1960 Chevrolet Nomad (Impala trim) Station wagon. This '60 Chevrolet wagon will be fitted with almost every factory and dealer option including such options as power windows, seats, tinted glass, air conditioning and more.
A factory Delco Wonder Bar Press Button Radio with be fitted and being a wagon a front mounted correct factory antenna. But here's my friends problem. He has a correct '60 Chevrolet front antenna but does not have the correct template to locate the factory correct position on the guard where the antenna should be installed. This FRONT antenna template would the same for all full size 1960 Chevrolet models.
It occurred to me that some one reading this might have this template and might be prepared to sell it or a good photo copy of it? Alternatively anyone with access to a 1960 full size Chevrolet guard that's had a front antenna installed could make a template that my friend would be happy to pay for.
>From what I recall, Chevrolet Accessory antennas generally came with a few templates to suit various models and body styles. Rear antenna templates have been reproduced, but I am not aware of any reproduction FRONT antenna templates.
Lets know if anyone thinks they could assist with this one.Regards from AustraliaCarl KelsenRHD 1965 Corvair Monza ConvertibleMelbourne, Victoria, Australia  		 	   		  

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