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hallgrenn hallgrenn at aol.com
Thu Mar 31 22:26:58 EDT 2016

Grant,As someone who bought a new '68 110 Monza I learned to respect the SMOG engine once I got the carbs set up "by the book."  It didn't run well when delivered, but was a sweet engine once set up.  Not as strong as a NON-SMOG engine (drag of the pump etc.).   I would go fuel injection now for emissions reasons, but if your customer's engine is low mileage why not get it running well as a SMOG engine first and see how he likes it?  It's a pain to change points, but a Petronix will fix that.
If he wants to de-SMOG the carbs I'd say remove the injector exhaust manifolds (and store them to sell someday), put on standard manifolds, take the vanes out of the pump, and block the hoses or tubing inside to isolate the diverter valve from engine vacuum and keep the stock look and drive it.
FWIW I put over 60K on mine before I had any trouble with the SMOG parts (the diverter valve) once the carbs were right.

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