Doug Mackintosh dougmackintosh at yahoo.com
Thu May 5 18:19:52 EDT 2016

Tim, besides lubing the mechanism, see if the glass has jumped out of the vertical channels. Mine managed to jump the track. At the rear of the glass there is a metal tab that runs in the channel. The front of the glass runs directly in the channel. Besides getting it back on track, I used white lithium spray lube on the cam mechanisms and also on the gear teeth. That seemed to do the trick.
<<I have a 64 convert here for other issues , fixed all but the front drivers 
door window regulator is very tight, almost impossible to work. The glass 
seems  free , but shaft works hard. I have tried lubing at the shaft and 
everywhere I  can without removing the assembly. I was trying not to get 
involved in body work  , plus it has new door panels on it.
  Any "on car" repairs?
On another note , this car is the first failure of a Crane XR700 ignition I 
have seen. Replacing the module fixed it.  I must have at least 5 or more  
out there , including my own on Rampy , which is at least 20 years  old.
Regards, Tim Colson>>
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