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Grant Young gyoungwolf at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 1 13:28:07 EDT 2016

It seems that the time has come to sell the stuff that I collected for what I call "an investment" and my wife calls "hoarding". After a recent inventory, I think she is closer in definition to the hundreds and hundreds of scale models, diecasts, and toys that I have accumulated over the past 20 years or so. I plan to use Amazon and Ebay as the primary sources, but am alerting our members now and in an upcoming ad in the Communique of the sell off (and a discount of the fees). I am currently working on a price sheet, but if there is anything you want, please drop me a private email for a quote. One good example is the Corvair Prestige kits that include a nice display stand. You can have as many as you want for $22.95 each. The same applies to the AMT '69 (T159) kits, but they are only $19.95. If you purchase a case lot (6) of either, I will cover the postage. I also have several hundred built and partially built kits that might be good for dioramas (or, heaven forbid, grandkids with firecrackers). I wasn't quiet ready for this, but the PC diagnosis last year and side effects and prognosis have changed our perspective on many things. 
Grant Young, The Modelmeister

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