<VV> Engine fire.

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You gonna be in big-time trouble, Ed
Chuck S

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Probably was caused when the plastic fuel filter mounted in the engine compartment with rubber hoses started leaking and the electric fuel pump Smitty had mounted next to the battery just kept feeding it and ignition was when the speaker wire he was using to power it shorted out at the wire nut connections, could also have been a bad connection at the Pertronics too.  

                                     Right Smitty ?

                                         Ed Lindsay
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Smitty Says;  A few weeks ago the engine in my 446,000 mile wagon caught on fire out on the highway.  Fortunately I was carrying a large cooler full of mostly melted ice water and was able to use that to put the fire out.  What caused it?  I don’t know.  The fire seemed to be concentrated toward the front of the engine compartment.    I wouldn’t bother you folks with all this except I feel a need to make a statement.  Every hose, wire, spark plug wire. and piece of plastic was consumed.  If I had been one of you who think it is OK to have one of those pretty in-line gas filters hooked up with a couple of hoses in the engine compartment, I don’t think I could have got the fire out.
Just for info, the State Farm adjuster that came to the house was more than helpful in making up a claim.  He helped me to remember several items that added up to considerable amount of money to include in the claim.  I have stated value insurance.  My ancient body recoils at the thought of restoring the damage, but the wagon will live again.

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