<VV> Engine fire

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Mon Nov 7 14:48:15 EST 2016

Smitty Says;  Not true Ed ,  Chuck.  There was a time though when I had it 
down to small flames and then almost lost it again.  I was getting down to 
the bottom of the cooler and had to quit fighting the fire for a bit while I 
drank the beer so as to use the bottles to scoop up water for the fire.  I 
could have used the Cokes but I hear that is harmful to paint.

From: "BBRT" <chsadek at comcast.net>

Now that is probably true....

Oh, And did I mention that he had a cooler full of mostly melted ice is 
because he had already drunk all the beer  ?
Darned Sailors .....

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