<VV> Engine Fire Found the culprit

Frank DuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Wed Nov 16 01:09:28 EST 2016

All metal wire nuts? That would defeat the purpose of wire nuts!(Quick 
insulated splice for field work)    Maybe you are thinking of those 
items used by electricians when joining multiple ground wires without 
using green wirenuts:


If you want to join two or more wires, use an un-insulated butt splice 
and put heat shrink over the finished crimp.


Or do what GM did, join the wires by twisting, solder them, cover with 
heat shrink. I do this building wiring harnesses for projects at work 
for the military.

There are so many choices for wire. From strand count (how flexible it 
is) to insulation type (Nylon, Vinyl, Teflon) and thickness. Plus the 
different colors and gauges (AWG). Digi-Key and Mouser have many many 
choices. Most too expensive or in 500/1000  foot rolls. 15,000 choices 
of hook up wire at Digi-Key. Not helping, I know! Maybe look at the 
FLAPS and Home Depot/Lowes to see what is in the wire section. If you 
were closer, I could show/give you several types.

Maybe try Craig Nicol for suggestions. He make wiring harnesses out in 
Iowa. Find him on Corvair Center Forum or:


Frank DuVal

Glad you found the culprit!!!!!!

On 11/15/2016 3:07 PM, Smitty via VirtualVairs wrote:
> Smitty says;  An unused wire that used to feed the AC fan running through the middle of a coax of wires all taped together.  It burned off from the relay that supplied it and as I cut away and separated the other wires I could see it was less and less hot the farther I went.  Still don’t know what shorted it but the wire bundle was most severely burned where the wire went into it.  Beyond that I will not be performing any more autopsy.  Got to concentrate on the reconstruction.
> Question;  where can I get some better lamp cord wire.  All that I have is fat insulation with small wire in it.  Next question;  is there any such thing as all copper or steel wire nuts.  The ones I used, the plastic all melted off of them.  Seems to me all metal ones would stand the heat better.

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