<VV> Correction> LM diff yoke torque spec?

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Seemed high. What does shop manual say? Can't find it in there. I believe
this august body has spoken though. Probably around 30-35 ft lb? It is a
3/8-16. Has retaining locks so doesn't need to be overly tight - no lock
washer. My revised estimate is 30 - 35  ft lb WITH bent-finger retainer


Chuck S


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This chart lists 33 for a 3/8" grade 8.  I found some others that listed 35.
Nothing as high as 40-50 unless you are talking dry. (no oil at all)


Joel McGregor



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For a 3/8" Grade 8? Nah.


John Roberts



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WAY too much for that little bolt...

Joel McGregor

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Diff Yoke Bolt to Diff 40-50 ft lb
Found In Clarks Catalog Tech Section and although I didn't look, it is in
the Factory Shop manual......

Chuck S

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I have to replace the yoke in the diff; and assume there should be very
little torque on the retaining bolt. Anybody know offhand the torque spec
(if any)?
Andy K.

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