<VV> CHEVROLET Corvair dash colours? (check out paintref.com)

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paintref.com is the best resource by far that I've ever seen.  There is 
an entire list of all the paint codes for 1960 Chevys:


Main site is:  http://paintref.com/paintref/index.shtml

Not sure about the interior colors however.  Didn't know there was a 
"Nomad" in 1960!


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G'day everyone,
I am asking the following question on behalf of a good friend of mine, 
who is currently undertaking, probably the worlds most detailed frame 
off and ground up restoration possible of a 1960 Chevrolet Nomad (Impala 
trim) station wagon.

The exterior of this '60 Chevrolet Nomad wagon when painted will be 
finished in the original '970' two tone combination of Fawn Beige and 
Satin Copper Metallic. The painted interior surfaces will be finished in 
Light Copper Metallic (Duco Code 93991).

The problem we have in Australia is that we don't use or understand US 
paint codes so the above mentioned "Duco Code 93991" is meaningless to 
us. It occurred to me that dash panel colours might have been common 
across all 1960 Chevrolet passsenger cars and if they were then perhaps 
1960 or 1961 Corvairs might have used this same Light Copper Metallic 
colour on there dash, when a copper interior was used.

I guess I am asking if anyone could assist with what's probably an 
unusual request?

Regards from 'down under '
Carl Kelsen
1965 RHD Monza convertible


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